Sunday, February 28, 2016

2/20/16 Through 2/27/16

2/21/16 Through 2/27/16

The beauty and the brightness fill my eyes
When lifted up, the earthly dim disguise
For when at last we see what truly is
We know quite clear, for sure, we must be His.

I thank you for authority
That leads the church and sets me free
The chair of Peter guides the way
And suffers not, the sheep to stray.

Humble me, dispel my pride
Cleanse me from the sin inside
Let my sacrifice be praise
And let my voice the anthem raise.

Like James and John at left and right
I search for power, wealth, and might.
Amidst the presence of the King
I cannot think of suffering.

Thursday AM
The poor and inconvenient ones
The rich and haughty person shuns
With cup or sign to catch the eye
We turn our heads and pass them by.

We pass a judgment on their plight
That they deserve to spend the night
Out in the cold, without a bed
And no place soft to lay their head.

Thursday PM
Font of mercy, font of grace
Make your home within this place
Open wide the door for me
That to Your glory I may see.

Teach me how to trust in Thee
And understand how to be free
From all the vice and pain of sin
That tears away the peace within

Let me return what's due to You
The produce of Your vine
All I possess has come from You
And nothing here is mine.

Good News is that which lifts the heart 
Good News allows a fresh new start.
Good News brings hope among the poor
Good News is liberty for sure.

The freedom that the Savior brought
The lessons that His stories taught
Revealed the Father's saving plan
A love beyond the mind of man.

A pure unselfish brand of love
Came down as infant from above
Through spotless virgin full of grace
He took a humble lowly place.

He walked amid the poor and weak
For lost and sinners did He seek.
He cured the sick and raised the dead,
But then, with thorns, we crowned His head.

Blindfolded, mocked, and spit upon
The torture of pure love went on.
The cross upon His shoulders laid
Till death, the price of sin, was paid.

And when at last, the spear was thrust
A spring of blood and water gushed.
The soldier there, then gave a nod,
In truth, this was The Son of God!

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