Sunday, March 6, 2016

2/28/16 Through 3/5/16

2/28/16 Through 3/5/16

No value does the Master see
With all these leaves yet barren tree
His patience now is wearing down
So bear Him fruit, or be cut down.

If we look we all will see
Within the soul a leprosy
For all have sinned is what I mean
And all have need to be washed clean.

In the midst of burning flames
Instead of calling others names
Let me reflect on my own sin
And favor of forgiveness win.

The pagan even understands
The wisdom of the Lord's Commands
A law of justice, truth, and right
To light our way through darkest night.

Give me not a stiffened neck
But help me keep my pride in check
And listen not with hardened heart
But eager hands to do their part.

Let me not be far away
And listen to the words You say
That they take root down deep within
And grow like trees in Lebanon.

On temple ground, two men we see
A publican and pharisee
Both have come in hopes to pray,
But, oh how different, what they say.

One man in show to put on airs
One man in shame, because he cares
One man with compliments and pride,
But only one left justified.

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