Monday, March 14, 2016

3/6/16 Through 3/12/16

3/6/16 Through 3/13/16

The story of the man born blind
Contains a message all should find
The God of love and mercy can
Quite far exceed the mind of man.

New heavens and new earth shall come
A vibrant life for everyone
If we but follow in His way
And seek His will for everyday

These waters bring refreshing flow
These waters make the trees to grow
These waters make a cleansing tide
These waters from Your precious side.

The judgment comes to look at deeds
For by our works our life proceeds
To everlasting joy and light
Or condemnation to the night

No word of mine could e're express
The ways You challenge me and bless
So many calves I need to crush
So many sins that make me blush

But still You come in search of me
Inviting me to be set free.
A coward yet, I still remain
Afraid of such a little pain.

Amid the crowd unrecognized
While walking there though undisguised
And there He is still to this day
In those that we pass by today.

I made the depth of earth and sea
Each living creature that you see
The clear blue sky and sun so bright
The stars above that light the night.

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