Sunday, February 14, 2016

2/7/16 Through 2/13/16

2/7/16 Through 2/13/16

Lord I offer You this day
All I do and all I say
Let me hear with clarity
And make my steps to follow Thee

Now make in me a special place
Where Christ may come and fill with grace
Let the Lenten fast begin
And once again renew within.

No words contain the depth of Thee
You breadth as far as eye can see
Your height beyond the distant star
Great timeless being that You are.

Yet somehow even though we sin
You still desire to dwell within
To cleanse and then to purify
The vessel here that wonders why.

Let the fast begin today
Let me learn to love and pray
Give me strength to make the way
But first, the strength to make this day

The choice before me here this day
Have I the will to walk His way
To choose to love in spite of pain
And help to break my brother's chain.

Such joy I could not hold within
If I could be but free from sin
If I could go upon my way
Without the weight of debt to pay.

Use hunger pangs to cause in me
Awareness of my frailty
This Lenten time I come to know
That every day I need You so.

None are righteous in His eyes
But all are loved beyond the skies
The depth of heart and mind He knows
And takes the time to dine with those.

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