Monday, December 7, 2015

11/29/15 Through 12/5/15

11/29/15 Through 12/5/15

A Happy New Year may this be,
That I would grow and learn to see,
That I must put myself aside
And patiently, in love, abide

Since Mercy granted ministry
Discouraged, now we cannot be
But persevering in the cause
We ask the Lord to fix our flaws.

Blessed the eyes that see His face
Blessed the hearts He fills with grace.
The prophets longed to see this day
When Christ would come to show the way.

Tuesday PM
Stupid One

I feel like such a stupid one,
I don't know how to get things done.
What's simple for the younger crowd
Can start me cursing things out loud.

The senses dull, the mind is slow,
I've got no clue which way to go.
I search for things to fill the gap,
But find in each new thing, a trap.

Every day I try and then,
I only find I've failed again.
So filled with things, I ought to burst,
But none of them can slake this thirst.

Maybe now has come the time
For me to hear the church bells chime,
And ask the Lord, what's on His mind.
Perhaps He knows, what I should find.

I've tried for years to give His due
But even there had failure too.
For pride can stain the goodness where
We're like the pharisee in prayer.

I want to say this very night,
"To do Your will is my delight."
Just ask of me and I will do
Whatever, Lord, that pleases You.

Have mercy on Your sinful son
And finish now, Your work begun.
Let me, in silence, beat my breast
And in repentance, face each test.

At banquet feast He feeds the least
With choicest wine and meat.
He breaks the net, and cancels debt,
His loved ones there to greet.

Take the Word and spread it out
To people far and near.
Then act on it, so all about
The folks both see and hear.

For action is the factor that
We see across the land
Shows them that your house, in fact,
Is built on rock, not sand.

Unless, for sure, we want to see
The blindness will remain.
But in the search for Truth will be,
The light that will sustain.

The path to tread not always clear,
For children of this day
But if we listen we can hear
His voice that calls, "This way".

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