Sunday, December 20, 2015

12/13/15 through 12/19A/15

12/13/15 through 12/19/15

How is it John the Baptist
The greatest man alive
Would think himself not worthy 
For assistance to provide?

He saw the true Messiah
The One to save the earth
Come from the highest heaven
to lowly manger birth.

A prophet, Balaam, claimed to be
A man of high integrity
A man that sees what God can see
A man that sees what comes to be.

But that prophet, old and silly,
Beat his donkey willy nilly.
He couldn't see upon the pass,
Angels seen by his simple ass.

Dear Lord, my eyes, like Balaam's, clear
And let me know that You are near
Speak to me throughout the day
And guard me in the things I say.

Tuesday 1
How easily we let in pride
It's always waiting at our side
Humility we have to choose
Or risk eternal life to lose.

Tuesday 2
What good is anger in my soul
It keeps my soul from getting full
A foolish grasp at happiness
A sinful act I must confess.

A child of lacking gratitude
A selfish sinning attitude
Impatient burst of pride and shame
The way to earn a tarnished name.

Tuesday 3
This time I spend with you for love
To draw your heart towards Him above
To One who fashioned you alone
To do the things His will made known.

The way to find a happy life
Is not just find a man or wife,
But find the reason you were made
And nevermore His will evade.

This time, I pray, you will not waste
Soon with decisions, you'll be faced.
To find the best way you were made
To live and love, BE NOT AFRAID!

Must you ask, "Are you the One"
Just look and see the work I've done
The lame can walk, the blind can see,
Those trapped by sin have been set free.

More than mind can hope to fathom
Farther than the eye can see
Wonders all, and You have made them
Let the glory, be to Thee.

Dear Joseph with the virgin pure
You had a love to long endure
No sordid lust to cloud the view
Of perfect beauty close to you.

Don't shave the head.  Take no strong drink.
Be set apart and clean.
Stay close to Him, is what I think
The vow is meant to mean.

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