Saturday, June 30, 2012

Samuel My Son

Samuel My Son

Samuel my son you have chosen well
From all the fair maidens this graceful belle.
A startling beauty, a pearl of great price,
Now listen my son to your father’s advice.

This journey of marriage the Lord chose for you
Will challenge your manhood in all that you do.
It’s not for the weakling, or those faint of heart,
Or those who try living their faith a la carte.

This is a vocation from God up above
That calls evermore to a self-giving love.
Each sacrifice made is a gift of shalom
A building block towards your happy new home.

The unity of a husband and wife
Contributes quite much to a man’s happy life.
Far more when all selfish motive is pruned,
When the heart and the mind have both been tuned.

I pray that God sends many children your way
To multiply love in your household each day.
What a privilege it is for a man and his wife
To be trusted by God as the guide for new life.

The good and bad they will come that’s for sure,
But through it all you must keep your heart pure.
And cherish forever your charming new wife.
Defend and protect her the rest of your life.

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