Thursday, August 6, 2009

Embryo 2

Just an embryo they say
A tiny human being
Value in its life is what
Some folks have trouble seeing.

Common good means nothing when
Our selfishness unbridled
Calls it “choice”, and then does say
“To life you’re not entitled.”

A holocaust we decry,
An outrageous crime of greed!
Callous, awful, wickedness,
It’s not medicine indeed!

‘Tis no splinter in the eye
For us to have extracted.
It’s a plank, a solid beam
That’s blinded and distracted.

When we make the center of
This world of time and space
Our hedonistic passions
Then we lose God’s gift of grace.

With conscience dimmed because of sin
Soon excuses multiply.
“Not that bad” I say to me
Now believing Satan’s lie.

To contracept and fornicate
It hurts no one but me.
Oh, how His body aches from sins
Of folks like you and me.

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