Saturday, August 8, 2009

Forgiveness, Healing & Hope

Most holy Lord and King of Kings
To You this lowly servant brings,
The chains of sin that weigh me down
That cling to me from all around.

From loving me instead of You
They keep me from the work You do.
That changes hearts, renews the mind,
With joyful pains of every kind.

I cower from this call of Thine,
Because these chains of sin are mine.
Forgiveness for this sinful soul,
Is what I need to make me whole.

Give healing from the wounds of sin,
And then this servant can begin,
To hope for days of endless light,
When through your servant love shines bright.

Teach me Lord now to forgive,
That I with You might always live.
Bring healing to this heart of mine,
That hope in You I’ll always find.

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