Friday, August 7, 2009

A Shepherd's Heart

Now Jesus was a humble man,
The holy Lamb of God.
With miracles and words so wise
They flocked to where He trod.

He never took the highest place
When at a noble feast.
Instead, with tunic ‘round his waist
He washed disciples’ feet.

Obedient, this Lamb of God
Was scourged and bloody rent.
To Calvary for all our sins
The Lamb of God was sent.

Our Shepherd, now the sheep for us
That opened Heaven wide.
So all who call this Shepherd Lord,
Could someday come inside.

The Shepherd’s heart filled with desire
To give us sweet repose,
Near running streams and meadows green,
The cross He freely chose.

Oh, what great joy for us to be
In this Good Shepherd’s care,
Who teaches us to love, we must,
Now others’ burdens bear.

Oh grant dear Lord, that in my life,
My tiny little part,
That I would be a sheep for Thee,
One with a shepherd’s heart.

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