Saturday, August 8, 2009

Proverbs 30: 2&3

In Proverbs thirty: two and three
Are written words describing me.
A man of slight intelligence
Who strays from God at times and whence,

The error of my ways is known
I cry to God “Let me come home”
And rest within Your loving arm.
In safety, sheltered from all harm.

So many times I’ve turned from Him,
Because of fancy or of whim.
Like David with Bathsheba or,
Just simply always wanting more.

My soul is wretched, filled with shame,
Because of passions never tamed.
My foolish heart in selfish lust
Has strayed from God, betrayed His trust.

My guilt abounds at every turn.
Oh Lord, how will I ever learn,
To follow You in steadfast love,
Firm in your law sent from above?

Renew me now, my savior be,
That I may always follow Thee.
Oh keep my feet firm on Your path,
And save me from Your righteous wrath.

Your only son upon that tree,
He suffered and He died for me.
That mercy from His side should flow,
And all my sins You would not know.

For when confessing to the one
Who stands on earth here for Your Son,
My sins forgiven in Your sight
My soul again is pure and white.

Oh keep me Lord in Thy great care,
And never let me wander where,
My soul is threatened with the pain
Of never seeing You again.

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