Saturday, August 15, 2009

Molasses Cookies

When coming home from work one night,
I sauntered into to quite a sight.
The place a buzz from busy lads
With cookie sheets and oven pads.

Flour and sugar everywhere.
“Look at this place, it’s quite a scare!
What has all this mess come from?”
“Molasses cookies, say yum yum!”

“You must know, your daddy wishes,
That you also clean the dishes.”
“No fear dad. It’s in the plan.
And even help, the toddler can.”

Then walking past the pantry door,
I spied a blob down on the floor.
Suspicious size, and jaded hue,
“What is this? A piece of pooh!?”

“Don’t worry dad” said elder son,
“I’ll scrape it up here with my thumb.
Surely it is no great matter,
Just a touch of cookie batter.”

When off he went to wash his hand
I heard a scream that pierced the land.
For on his thumb, what had he got?
Molasses cookie, it was NOT!

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