Friday, August 7, 2009

Amazing Disgrace

Amazed I sit and sadly wonder
How two once one could put asunder
The holy gift from God above
Of chastity and married love.

Created by almighty God
To follow in the way He trod.
Unselfishness and sacrifice
To love the other would suffice.

If only you would follow Him,
Instead of selfish, greedy whim.
The riches of the marriage bond,
Instead of lost would then be found.

Two were joined upon the altar.
Yes, they both in some way falter.
But if repenting of their shame,
They could be joined as one again.

The fire of Hell is kindled by
The ones who say; “No more I’ll try.”
No more I’ll suffer for my spouse.
Split up the cars and then the house.

I’ve only got one life to live
No more for this one shall I give.
Such words are music to the ear
Of Satan beckoning; “Come here.”

Love unrequited still can bless,
But not a lack of tenderness.
A kindly word, a tender smile,
A hand to hold a little while.

The triune God, the Trinity,
Reflected by the family,
This was the plan from ages past
The marriage bond was meant to last.

How damaging, impurity,
Cares not for others, only me.
But even this the Lord could mend,
If your intransigence would bend.

If in your heart somewhere was found
The strength to simply turn around,
You’d see within their troubled face
A longing for that marriage grace.

No one but you can heal that scar
Of distant heart and gaze afar.
Begin by listening a while,
And somehow try to reconcile.

A man was made to love his wife.
And sacrifice his very life.
The woman made from flesh of man,
The helpmate in God’s holy plan.

Your happiness eternally
Is what is now concerning me.
Don’t throw away the love you shared,
When for each other once you cared.

Please turn around and make amends.
Decide to love your spouse again.
And you will see somehow, someplace,
A love restored. Amazing Grace!

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