Saturday, August 8, 2009

Found & Lost

Oh just how I sit and ponder
How you came from way back yonder,
Found the Church in all Her wonder,
Then returned to where you flounder?

Two Tim four, and in verse three,
It’s plain, the time is now, I see,
And in verse four there is for ye,
A warning where this path will lead.

Do you not know from where you’ve been?
Is it not plain from all you’ve seen?
The one to trust in everything,
Is found in one Tim three fifteen.

Oh tell me please, how can you son,
By splitting off can you become,
Fulfillment of the words in John,
In seventeen and twenty one?

Sure others call you to their sides
And tempt you with their changing tides,
But it’s to Peter He confides,
The keys to where pure truth abides.

In this dark, dank, and woeful place
A trail of sin we leave to trace,
But what a joyous happy face
That’s filled with absolution’s grace!

Such power of the Trinity
Was not bestowed on you and me,
But those engaged in ministry.
Now see John twenty: twenty three.

Where is your life without the bread,
His flesh to eat as Jesus said?
John chapter six has plainly said,
Without this food you’re good as dead!

I fear for you who turn away,
When once you saw quite clear the way,
And leave behind the Church, mainstay,
For tickled ears with what they say.

In Her no prefect one is found,
But sinners come from all around.
Through Her all graces do abound,
And only there full Truth is found.

Pray, tell me what do you protest?
I ask you now to take this test.
Do not just listen to the rest.
Our God demands from you the best!

There is no error in Her teaching.
Sometimes, yes, we lack in preaching.
When you find yourself still reaching,
Study up on Papal teaching.

Humility is what it takes
If you don’t want to make mistakes.
With Pride the Serpent calls for breaks.
The game is on, and high the stakes!

I ask you please, now to return.
From our transgressions, all can learn.
Through sacramental grace discern,
Our faith alive, and strong, and firm.

Understanding comes in time,
And through obedience we find,
The beauty of His work divine,
The holy apostolic line.

Listen what the scriptures say,
And hear the voice of Jesus pray:
I long dear Father for the day,
When all will find One Church, The Way.

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