Saturday, August 8, 2009

Psalm 127

Psalm one, two, seven was you see,
A verse that David penned for me.
To help the simple understand
That God is king throughout the land.

It matters not though labor hard
We sweat and toil and punch that card.
If God our labor does not bless
We simply earn another mess.

Where selfishness and greed abound,
The love of God is never found.
Senseless toil, a worthless prize,
No benefit from all those tries.

But if we listen to His voice,
And always make His truth our choice,
His providence it will abound,
And peaceful rest for us is found.

Unselfish love, a fruitful wife,
And children make a happy life.
They fill the quiver for our bow,
And then to others clearly show

Despite the work a family brings,
Including sacrifice of things,
No longer have we cause to weep.
The Lord provideth in our sleep!

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