Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rosie Dear

The following was written for my goddaughter Rosie Kemper on the occasion of her First Communion. To have a keepsake for that day Rosie asked several people to write a description of their favorite part of the Mass. This is what I wrote for her.

My Rosie dear, I pray you hear
The voice of God this day.
When Jesus true is here for you
This very special way.

At Mass I love when from above
The Spirit comes to rest,
Upon these gifts, our eyes we lift,
This part I love the best!

What can eclipse this special gift
The Lord gives us to share?
When bread and wine become divine,
No better anywhere.

This gift He gives for you to live
Within His holy will.
When trial spreads it’s ugly head
Be sure to have your fill.

His body, blood divinity
This gift for Rosie be.
A prayer for thee from Hennessey’s
Remember always please.

That Rosie dear would ever hear
His loving, gentle call.
And seek from Him when times are dim
His body, blood and all!

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