Thursday, August 6, 2009


The elderly are frail and weak
Now simple things are all they seek

Conversation, company
A little baby on their knee

Their healthful days gone with the Spring
Now autumn songs are all they sing

But beautiful those leaves of gold
Shine forth with love although they’re old

Though hearing dulls and eyes grow dim
They never take their mind off Him.

When health is gone it makes no matter
How far they climbed the corporate ladder

Now rusty hinges slow them down
Sometimes it makes their faces frown

The aches and pains can be so great
Sometimes it’s hard to tolerate

In unselfish love they chime
This pain I offer one more time

The cross of Christ they help to lift
While their faith the Lord does sift

Their giving now comes naturally
They offer pains for us you see

Their time draws near to meet the Lord
They listen for his every word

He bids them come now like a child
With no pretense` just meek and mild

And on that blessed day they pass
To enjoy that heavenly Mass

This greeting for His daughter and son
“Well done, My good and faithful one.”

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