Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just So You Know

Just so you know it, I thought I should say,
That I’m proud of my son, and his friends that would play,
In the band Friday Mourning, a wonderful crew.
We truly were blessed by these men that we knew.

Lucas, Jose, Ryan, Scuba, and Jim
For many the chance of success is quite slim.
But oh what a loss, for the whole music world,
The sad somber day Friday Mourning unfurled.

The plan of the Lord is a hard one to guess
Sometimes looking ‘round all we see is a mess.
You must know for fact that a purpose you served.
By music encouraging never to swerve.

In God’s holy plan He will use you quite well.
In how or what way, only He can you tell.
So be ready and waiting wherever you stride.
For grace to enfold you in rushing landslide.

No man is an island alone in the sea.
God’s calling you now to be all you can be.
In freedom He calls you to follow His plan.
Listen carefully now. I know that you can.

The bonds that you made, a lifetime will last.
When circling back to remember your past.
In time too, the sadness will go away,
But now is the time you must start a new day.

Help me out. Help me now, is the sound of a son,
That in spite of his troubles relies on the One,
Who through winding byways He comforts and keeps,
A place for His faithful, near where angels sleep.

You’re part of our lives that we’ll never forget.
This time in your lives you should never regret.
We’ll always remember that radio song,
As we’re driving around and singing along.

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