Saturday, August 8, 2009

Merry Christmas to Mary

Merry Christmas to Mary
My bride that did carry
Eight children for me through these years
Your love is so tender
That often it renders
My heart full, and eyes brought to tears

Through twenty three years
Filled with hope and with fears
Your love has always shown bright
The excitement’s still here
Though we’re no longer near
The bed of our wedding night

Now with children and all
Some grown and some small
Folks say we haven’t a prayer
Of getting ahead
When the children are wed
By that time we’ll both have gray hair

But regardless of youth
I know it’s the truth
God’s plan was quite clear. Don’t you see?
He gave us his son
Whose life was begun
In a stable, but ends on a tree

He didn’t deserve
The abuse he was served
The scourging and thorns all so gory
But he gained the prize
For yes! He did rise!
And now he reigns in great glory

Sometimes we may suffer
But he’ll always buffer
Our sorrow with joy and with glee
I thank God this night
For your love ever bright
I know that he made you for me.

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