Saturday, August 8, 2009

Science Defiance

I think that man may never get
The heavens in his head.
For Darwin tried, but don’t forget
That now he just is dead.

They think it through and then proclaim
They’ve got it figured out.
Those silly men of passing fame
Find nothing more than doubt.

For everywhere they look they see
New vistas open wide.
The wonder of a simple tree,
Or rise and fall of tide.

Their premise of no greater Lord
Puts limits on their search,
Without the light of mighty word,
They’re on a shaky perch.

Discovering an ordered plan
They think the cause they find.
But seeing still a deeper plan,
They simply lose their mind.

More prudent now it seems to me
To see the evidence
In bird and song and crashing sea,
And then with reason hence,

Decide more to my benefit
That I should simply try,
To with the Holy Spirit fit
My head up in the sky.

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