Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary

After twenty three years
Filled with smiles, and some tears
My Mary is still quite a girl.
Now she cooks and she cleans
Although useless it seems
See these kids have our house in a twirl

Midst mountains of laundry
She’s in such a quandary
Clean clothes. Go to clinic. Mop floors.
Home school in a dither
While baby is with her
Just a few of her daily chores

Clean noses and heinies
I know now that mine is
A much easier job to do
But she keeps on chuggin’
She’s in there a scrubbin’
Up dirt. No. I think that it’s pooh!

Now did you really think,
I proposed full of drink,
Your life would be peaches and cream?
Surely you should have known
I’d get in your night gown
And these kids would be such a scream.

It’s a blessing you see
For our lives mustn’t be
Just indulgence and lust it is true
For our path to heaven
Is through one plus seven
Eight souls taught and trained by you

As I try to support
Your heroic effort
I do think it quite uncanny
The Corinthian word
Describes you to the Lord
Your zeal is a spur to many. (2 Cor 9:3)

My prayer it would be
That our love you and me
Would reflect Christ’s love for his bride.
Then the kids that we’ve taught
And with sacrifice bought
Would gather Him souls far and wide.

You see it’s not only
Because we were lonely
God brought us together to stay.
It’s because of His plan
To draw closer to man
He called us to love and to pray.

Nearly half of my life
I’ve had you as my wife
It’s hard to remember before
All the pitter and patter
For what does it matter
I know that I’ll still love you more.

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