Saturday, August 8, 2009

More than Flesh

There’s something here much more than flesh
More than the eye can see.
There’s something of a mystery here,
One for eternity.

Look at your brother, sister, spouse.
Gaze deep into their eyes.
See what before you in their shape,
Has life, and then it dies.

If nothing more than flesh and blood,
Organic matter spent,
Why do in death we honor it,
And vow then to repent?

Because down deep in every soul,
Is planted firm and true,
The knowledge of the Holy One,
Who died for me and you.

A love not made for pleasure’s sake,
With selfishness and guile,
But one of patient sacrifice,
Enduring every trial.

Intelligence and reason are,
Two gifts beyond compare,
But useless if not used in faith,
To find the One who cares.

The One who breathed His life in you,
And placed you on this Earth.
Who loved you with a Father’s love,
Before you came to birth.

Now when I look at you my child
I see a work divine.
Far greater than the universe,
Much less, some work of mine.

You truly are a work of art
A masterpiece of love.
In you I see the face of God,
Sent down from up above.

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