Thursday, August 6, 2009

Precious Pearl

Once in a young man’s life
He stumbles on a pearl
His life is changed forever
As he gazes on this girl.

His heart beats with a fury
As she takes his arm in stride,
They go forth to the altar
To be ever side by side.

Their love for one another
Explodes in such delight,
As they embrace each other
That virgin wedding night.

A child comes forth to test their love
So small and weak and frail,
With great demands upon their time
Their love now cannot fail.

They learn to sacrifice their will
In favor of this child,
When yet another comes along
Now life becomes so wild.

Chaos builds with every child
Their house it sounds like thunder.
With eight kids now they run on grace
While some folks watch in wonder.

Quickly though the time does pass
The kids grow up and find,
A precious gem to call their own
Then soon it’s grandchild time.

An old man now he looks around
To find his pretty girl,
His faithful and beloved bride
His shining precious pearl.

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