Thursday, August 6, 2009

Forty Hours Devotion 2004

In humble adoration
Before this holy bread,
Our sinful hearts are breaking
O’er things we’ve done and said.

Our blessings have been many
Our troubles have been few,
But have we given just return
For all that’s come from You?

Now we in Presentation say
Our founder was a saint,
He suffered much though never heard
From him was a complaint.

When Father Al was visited
By Collette, on his death bed,
The holy woman looked at him
And smiled as she said:

Your healing’s close, it’s coming soon
My friend you mustn’t falter,
You must be purified yet more
Then stand before his altar.

That altar wasn’t here on earth
But with the heavenly host,
Where saints and angels all adore
The Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

How can we say we follow him
When his teachings we ignore?
He always did encourage us
To give God even more.

Like Philip we must offer Him
All that we can find.
Two fish, five loaves, and trust in Him
Five thousand then could dine.

Our offerings though meager be
Are multiplied once more,
Not by our work, but by His grace
He opens up the door.

He offers all repentance
And forgiveness of their faults,
For short or tall, big or small
For children and adults.

Now strengthened by this sacrament
This holy living bread,
We go forth strong in faith
For now we have been fed.

To enter once again the world
And hearken to His call,
Remembering our founder said
With God that ALL MEANS ALL!

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