Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Father's Love

My father’s love I barely knew,
At nine he up and died.
Two sisters and two brothers too,
We all broke down and cried.

That fateful night near Christmas time,
December twenty two.
Emblazoned memory of mine,
I offer God to you.

How often Lord I’ve wished that I
Could listen to his voice,
And hear his words of wisdom try
To help me make a choice.

You blessed me with that loving man
For precious little time.
A dad not many others can
Claim “that one was like mine”.

A humble man of little means.
A printer was his trade.
A sparkle in his eye that gleamed
At what our Lord had made.

He loved the plain and simple things,
A walk amid the trees.
In them he saw the King of Kings,
Just gazing at their leaves.

He loved our Lord and sought him through,
The gift of daily bread.
He thought it quite important too,
That we a rosary said.

Though time was short, he did his best,
To raise his family.
Preparing them to take their test
And find eternity.

He wanted every one of them
To know the Lord above.
To follow in his footsteps when,
The Lord called them to love.

I hope he looks upon us now,
And comfort does receive.
To know his children all somehow
Can say that they believe.

For now with children of my own,
Grandchildren coming too.
The greatest joy in life be known,
Is children loving You.

May I a good example be,
That they might know the way.
Just like my father was for me,
Lord this is what I pray.

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