Saturday, August 8, 2009

One of Ninety Nine

I pray that I might always be
Just one of ninety nine,
That to the Lord are faithful sheep,
Not straying all the time.

The lure of sin entices all,
And many do succumb.
Then slaves unto the want of flesh
Their lives have thus become.

Through sexual impurity
We find a paltry thrill.
Oblivious to loss of grace,
We pay a costly bill.

Desire for riches springs a trap
That clamps upon the will.
No thought for those less fortunate,
Now Satan moves to kill.

Pride takes root and faith becomes
A petty little bother.
We’re lost again and far from him
Abandoning the Father.

Oh Shepherd please, this awful tease
Of pleasure, wealth, and fame,
Has taken me again from thee,
Pure Love, from whence I came.

Return me to Your fold again,
And grant me that this time,
Forever more that I would be
Just one of ninety nine.

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