Sunday, August 9, 2009

This Time of Year 2007

This time of year, the Holidays,
When all the world seems in a craze,
We rush about from here to there
And look for bargains everywhere.

Holly leaves and decorations
Spread across a greedy nation.
Rarely stopping to decide
The reason for this Christmastide.

So focus not on opulence,
But gold and myrrh and frankincense.
The tender little child king
Deserves the sacrifice we bring.

So few he finds among the crowd
To answer yes and lift the shroud.
To trust in Him and give their all
Responding to His special call.

The fiat of the virgin one
Her willingness to bear God’s son.
To face uncertainty with faith,
Becoming truly full of grace.

And Joseph too, betrothed to her
Quite troubled by the way things were.
Received the word from up above
And chose to give to Mary love.

In faith these truly humble ones
Agreed to raise God’s only son.
Their yes a gift to all mankind,
And hope from them the lowly find.

In your life too the Lord will speak,
If you will take the time to seek,
His precious words that guide you where
No earthly pleasure can compare.

So in this busy time of year,
Be sure to take the time to hear,
The call of angels soft and sweet
That beckon: “Jesus, come and meet!”

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