Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mary My Sweetheart

To Mary my sweetheart
The mother of nine,
Eight here on earth
One with the divine.

My love does not wane
No it strengthens with time,
I’m thankful that God
Gave me you to call mine.

Our love has been great
Yes it surely did flower,
Two boys now look down
As if standing on towers.

Though some have grown up
And some are still small,
I’ve loved every minute
With one and with all.

My sweetheart still makes
My heart pitter pat,
But there’s more to our love
Yes much more than that.

A family was born
When we walked down the aisle
Some folks say we’re crazy
But I like this style.

I caught quite a gal
Yes, she is like no other,
Our children are blessed
To have you to call mother.

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