Saturday, August 8, 2009

John Paul II

After twenty six years our pope has passed
Who sought millions of souls with the net he cast
Steadfast in spirit, proclaiming with love
The splendor of truth that comes from above.

The family established as society’s core
Upon this small block we are called to build more.
To train up our children the way they should go
This faith of our fathers the young ones must know.

In his letter to families the pope said we must
Instill in our children a posture of trust
For the love of our God is greater you see
Than trials we have, matter not what they be.

In this modern world the church now we see
As a beacon of light there to lead you and me
Standing firm in the face of evil that’s bent
On making us think we don’t need to repent

In the advent of this new millennium he
Gave us saints for examples of how we should be
Maximilian, Faustina, Jose Escriva
Edith Stein, Blessed Teresa, Gianna Molla.

Our Church and the Eucharist truly are one
The body of Christ taken flesh in the Son
Too few of us recognize, oh what great powers
He gives to disciples that make holy hours.

In his letter to children the pope did reveal
That faith comes from parents that do not conceal
Their love for the Lord, for what’s right and what’s true,
And the burden of praying for peace he gives you.

For teenagers too he composed words of wisdom
To show they could enter, with faith, to God’s kingdom
In spite of attractions of flesh that abound.
In loving God’s way is true happiness found.

Our faith comes with reason, the two are a pair
They work well together when we try to share
With impoverished souls in luxury’s lap
Who think they have all, but really it’s crap.

The Gospel of Life includes hardship and pain.
There is only one way for us to remain
With the lord of our life who carried the cross,
But to trust in the lord counting all else as loss.

The work of all humans is sure sanctified
By offering God all our toils beside.
If work is our prayer we pray constantly,
Reflecting to others how his glory be.

The role of the layman, no small task indeed,
Go into my vineyard was his fervent plead.
Why just stand here idle when work must be done?
There’s fruit to be picked, and you are the one.

A call to perfection in every heart ring,
For we too are called priest, prophet and king.
We all are accounted to act as the leaven,
That works upon others and leads them to heaven.

He accomplished great things as our Pope for a while,
Our papa touched millions with his ready smile.
To visit all people he just couldn’t wait.
We’ve now come to know him as John Paul the Great!

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