Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Tree

The actions of a father done
Can bless or curse a newborn son.
And mother’s words can sprout a flower
Or teach a child to shy and cower.

Afflictions passed along the tree
From grandpa, dad, and down to me.
A sharp rebuke, a biting tongue,
A poor example for the young.

My faults apparent, I can see,
I’ve passed along the family tree.
But blessings too I hope are found,
When all the children gather ‘round.

My father struggled as I do,
But this we children always knew:
He loved the Lord and did his part,
To love our mom with all his heart.

My branch along this tree of life
Began with love of man and wife.
Eight buds have sprung forth from that line.
And each in turn will have their time.

I shudder when I see my faults
Exhibited in young adults,
Or children modeling quite free,
A new bad habit learned from me.

Lord send your healing on this tree,
And blest these branches ever be.
Protect the buds from stain of sin,
And every heart thereon please win.

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