Saturday, August 8, 2009

Our Father

Oh holy One that’s from above
Whose hallowed name is filled with love,
I want to know without a doubt
I’m in your will and not without.

If in my heart the King should come,
And in my life His will be done.
As heav’n on earth my life would be
With blessings from the Trinity.

Oh grant me that Thy morsel sweet
Would daily pass between my teeth.
And mold my heart to be so kind,
That You and I would be one mind.

Dear Father teach me this I pray
To follow You in every way.
Forgiving all that I may see,
Your tender mercies there for me.

Protect me walking on this path,
And save me from Your awful wrath.
Keep evil far from me I pray,
I want to follow you this day.

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