Thursday, August 6, 2009

John Paul (Living Saint)

John Paul Harbison suffered a tragic accident where he nearly drowned at age two. Since then he has been severely disabled, but the love shown for him by his family and the many who care for him is a shining pro-life witness. This poem was written primarily for his mom, but all those who care for him as well.

At two years old
I tripped and fell,
But no one near me
Heard my yell.

In a landscape pool
My face went down.
When they pulled me out
I was nearly drowned.

Now my brain won’t work
‘Cause it had no air.
So I lie in bed
And simply stare.

They say I’m like
A china toy
But mom says I’m
Her little boy.

Some folks say
This was a curse,
But I think others
Have it worse.

Their faithless talk
Is surely mean.
I have no sin
My soul is clean

In my picture
Some see dread.
But this is what
My mommy said.

”God stung my heart
But then did paint
My little boy
His living saint.”

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