Saturday, August 8, 2009


To Roger the captain of our Bruin band
The finest of coaches in all of the land.

For him it is more than just coaching baseball.
For him it is teaching young men to walk tall.

To be strong in their faith, calling always on God
In whatever life’s road they have chosen to trod.

This game is a fun recreational sport,
But rarely we find such a coach of this sort.

Encouraging boys to be men strong and pure.
From coaching like this now a winner is sure.

With Mass and some donuts, O.J. and B.P.
Each Saturday morning he leads to vict’ry.

This band of young Bruins from St. Teresa town,
He teaches to work hard and never let down.

He gave us a season of 15 and 0.
These Bruins he taught to put on quite a show.

We all thank you Roger for this season’s run.
To go undefeated. Wow, that sure was fun!

Now Roger’s a humble and kind sort of man,
Freely giving to others whenever he can.

Far be it from him to seek honor and power,
But on him this day it’s our praises we shower.

We announce to ball players in all of this land,
Roger Glandorf is King of our Bruin band.

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