Saturday, August 8, 2009

Christmas 2005

Eight children bounced upon my knee
I’m proud of my great progeny.
These children are my pride and joy,
Each pretty girl and handsome boy.

At Christmas time I stop to tell
Of why I love them all so well.
Each one a gift from God above,
An overflowing gift of love.

A soul so precious from the Lord
That follows closely to His word.
Created for His endless light
Their faith in God kept burning bright.

Their presence in my life can keep
My eyes from ever getting sleep.
But through all trials grace abounds,
And in our family love is found.

Now listen children to your Dad,
For what he says is not that bad.
Cut through the clatter of the day
And hearken to the words I say.

This time of year we gather near
With carols ringing in our ears,
And listen to the stories told
About that night so clear and cold.

How Joseph and his Mary bride
Began that holy Christmastide.
With but a manger for their son,
The infant righteous Holy One.

The family of the Holy Light
In just a stable pass the night.
If they so holy, humble be.
Then why not also you and me?

The purpose of this world you see
Is not just grabbing more for me.
The lord gives us a higher call,
To follow Him and give our all.

Stay strong in faith and fully fed
By frequent taking of the bread.
Confessing often so to thwart
The Devil’s foothold in your court.

And make a staple from the Lord
Your daily reading of His word.
While praying often in your house
With one another or your spouse.

Then one day we will surely get
The greatest gift of Christmas yet.
To spend eternity above
With all the ones we dearly love.

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