Thursday, August 6, 2009

Embryo 1

I’m an embryo you know
A tiny human being.
A gift from God for mom and dad
That really is worth seeing.

But mom’s career would suffer much,
She doesn’t have the leisure,
To care for little children when
The workplace really needs her.

And dad’s new sports car cannot wait.
The payments soon will be here.
He ordered it from Germany.
A shiny brand new Beamer.

The doctor says: “It’s early still.
It’s nothing more than tissue”
For him, these easy words mean fee.
For me, my life’s the issue.

Consoling one another well
They say: “That didn’t take so long.”
But in their heart of hearts they know
They surely have done wrong.

They prosecute the poachers of
An egg that’s from an eagle.
How can they take my life from me
And somehow say it’s legal?

My voice discounted by the courts
It doesn’t count , or so they say.
But this tragic story happens
Now, four thousand times each day.

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