Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Toast for Ellie's Wedding

A Blessing From the Father

A blessing from the Father came
September twenty five.
That made a young man happier
Than any man alive.

A tiny little skinny one
So fragile and so frail.
A look of sweetness on her face,
But oh how she could wail.

I never thought this little one
That screamed most every night,
Would be so peaceful, calm, and kind,
With beaming smile bright.

But as she grew we came to see
A loving tender heart.
In her a gentle spirit did
The God of love impart.

The years have flown so quickly by.
This child of ours did grow,
Into the lovely woman that
You all have come to know.

This day her vow of faithfulness
Fidelity, and love,
Is given to her man of dreams,
Before our God above.

For Jonathan and Ellie now
This day you say “I do”
A blessing from the Lord above
And from your father too.

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