Saturday, August 8, 2009


A crocus peeking through the white,
It signals soon the end of night.
When all around us life abounds
With budding flowers and chirping sounds..

Magnolia blossoms white and pink
He made especially, I think
To simply fill the springtime air.
With sweetness that I can’t compare.

With longer days and shorter nights,
The sunshine growing ever bright,
The author of this life of ours
Made summer with its longer hours

The heat grows stronger every week,
The children splashing in the creek.
His love for us He surely shows
Where wheat, and corn and barley grows.

In autumn tones of red and gold
The hand of God our eyes behold.
Each leaflet painted by His hand,
And set on its majestic stand.

Now in our world of fallen doubt
This time of year the trees cry out.
That God is great, He loves us so,
He colors trees and makes them glow.

Then soon arrives the winter chill
When Jack Frost dances on the sill.
Splashing rays from sun above
Kaleidoscoping us His love.

Though cold and dead things may appear,
A masterpiece He then brings here.
And quietly throughout the night,
He lays a blanket pure and white.

How can you ask Him for a sign?
Just look around you. Are you blind?
The love of God is everywhere.
So be not ever in despair.

Our God He loves the sparrows so
He feeds them everywhere they go.
The field He clothes in blossoms bright
Renewing love each morn and night.

Now you’re more precious. Can’t you see?
Than any sparrow, field, or tree.
His love to you He does impart,
You are His greatest work of art.

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