Saturday, August 8, 2009


In vision forward once I saw
A casket draped in linen pall
Inside the box, an empty shell
Of once a man of whom I tell.

A sinner of the common kind
In heart, and deed, and word, and mind.
A man God gave His very best,
But did this one now pass the test?

To listen to the stories told
You’d think he was some saint of old.
But I know better, I am he
I know that sin was close to me.

I struggled always to divest
My soul of greed and selfishness.
Though always holding back some piece
That sure enough disturbed my peace.

The standard that our Lord did set
Was perfect love and righteousness.
When juxtaposed to Christ the King
My life appears a paltry thing.

If in the land of heav’n above
All men are like the Lord of Love,
A long way yet I still must go,
A purging till I’m white as snow.

The fire of love does scorch and sear,
When Christ the Lord approaches near
No room for avarice and lust
This cleansing surely is a must.

Oh be not fooled by those who say
This purging need not come our way.
For all have sinned and thus become
Unfit for Him to say welcome`.

His mercy frees us from our sins
When life eternally begins.
His mercy is a blazing fire
That melts away our base desire.

Please pray that I would quickly give
My will, eternally to live
With Jesus, Mary, Joseph. Too
And someday, hopefully, with you.

For when I finally can see
The glory of the Trinity,
Where angels on their wings take flight
‘Mid brilliant rays of endless light,

I’ll offer prayers before the throne
For family and for friends I own.
In hopes that all would break from sin,
And come to endless life with Him.

But first I have this present day,
The Lord to listen and obey.
The hope of everlasting life,
Is won amid the daily strife.

By seeing Him in all mankind
The toughest love, we then soon find.
His kingdom here on Earth will come
By loving Him in everyone.

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