Sunday, August 9, 2009


A point in every life is reached
Where questions do abound.
Why am I here? What shall I do?
Some purpose must be found.

For every child of God there is
a plan unique in time,
Formed by Christ the author of
Each life on earth sublime.

Vocation is the term we use
Describing heaven’s call.
It’s not a job. It’s more than that.
Vocation is our all!

In priesthood or religious life
Or single for the Lord,
Our lives must be examples of
Submission to his word.

In marriage where the two are one
The fruit of life is given.
Reflecting for us here on earth
Christ and the Church in heaven.

A special purpose for each one
That no one else can fill,
Where happiness supreme is found
Submitting to his will.

To find this perfect will of God
Designed for only you,
Submit to Him in everything,
Increase your prayer life too.

Through sacrifices freely made
Detaching from our mind
The lure of wealth and chains of sin
To God we now incline.

And clearly hear his call to us
That beckons from within.
You hear his voice. Why wait? Act now!
New life will then begin.

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