Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Guardian of Purity

The guardian of purity,

Is what a man is meant to be.

God set him in this special place

To guard his loved one’s sweet embrace.

No task is this for cowardly,

Who play at love for only me.

The ones who try to slip away,

From wholesome friends and have their play.

The secretive and sneaky kind

That get their prey alone and find

Some clever way to drop their guard,

And score another on their card.

It’s not a game. No not at all!

To love a woman is your call.

Not selfishness or greedy lust,

But holy friendship she can trust.

The man is called to show his strength,

Protecting her at any length.

From all occasion near to sin,

And so her fond affection win.

By this you plan a marriage strong,

The kind to last your whole life long.

If in God’s plan she is the one,

To you I give my blessing son.

But if somehow you part your way

She’ll think of you and fondly say,

That man was always good to me.

A guardian of purity.

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