Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sam's Good Bad Day

Sammy I’m sorry
You had a bad day,
It happens to all,
Or so they say.

The first inning or two
Your pitching was rough.
By three and two thirds
Coach said “That’s Enough!”

Eleven had crossed
The plate by that time.
Two batters were hit,
And four got free rides.

Eleven big runs
On only four hits
Sure, life is all cherries,
But this is the pits

Six errors one inning,
Oh what a blunder.
Then all we could do
Was hope for some thunder.

One out in relief
Jake got on the ground.
Then looking at Bruins
Their faces were down.

But Sammy showed spunk
When he got to the plate.
He smashed a hard single
Out to their number eight.

He took second and third
Like they were his own.
And with one wild throw
He headed for home.

But it wasn’t enough
To get back in the game.
Our Bruins had lost
Oh what a shame.

Now Sammy I’m proud
Because you’re a young man,
That works very hard
And does what he can.

We all like to win
But only one can.
Your reaction in losing
Reveals a true man!

Go get ‘em the next time
You’ve still got the stuff.
Throw hard and throw strikes
And make them cry ENOUGH!

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