Saturday, August 8, 2009

Megan My Child

Megan my child
This ride has been wild
Through twenty four years it is true
If it wasn’t for you
This date I’d eschew
And eight kids would say Hennessey who?

But with your mother’s beauty
And you such a cutie
The hook was set firm in my heart
It was love from the start
For I knew in my heart
Of my family that you would be part

And so it goes
In life I suppose
God brought us together for reason
For loving and sharing
For giving and caring
Whether in or out of the season

It’s not just a dream
Life’s a continuous stream
Of changes that come everyday
Some good and some bad
Some happy, some sad
But all for God’s glory I pray

This love of my life
Is now known as Bob’s wife
The two bonded forever in bliss
For this sacrament takes
To account all mistakes
And rejoices in humble forgiveness

Now after some tears
To you I say cheers
Your mother her makeup is messing
Of this I assure
As you live one life pure
Now Megan and Bob have our blessing.

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