Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Cost of a Woman

The cost of a woman, the price you must pay,
To live in accord with the Holy One’s way.
To have all the joy that the garden once knew,
One must follow the rules, from God given you.

The garden was perfect, that place of great fame.
Their bodies were naked, yet they felt no shame.
But sly cunning serpent crept up to their side,
And with wheedling words induced in them pride.

Then seeing each other in perverted gaze,
They covered themselves, and the angels ablaze,
Stood guard o’er the garden, the paradise lost,
When simple obedience was all that it cost.

Often man sees woman as paradise found,
But so often too, he keeps looking around.
In misguided ways he feels that he must,
Find some way for him just to satisfy lust.

Pornography, deviant sexual acts,
Now trying but failing to cover his tracks.
For seeking his pleasure, but finding no joy,
His loved one cast down like an old broken toy.

Oft repeated this scene though it needn’t be,
With Jesus as guide who gives light for to see.
The love of one woman is treasure aright.
Her gift to her husband is joy and delight.

But fidelity, purity, chastity now,
The way for the man to discover just how,
To kindle a flame for his love in her heart,
That will keep burning brightly, and never depart.

Each woman a beauty in God’s perfect plan.
A star of creation, created for man.
But only one woman for my eyes to see,
The star of creation created for me.

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