Saturday, August 8, 2009

Eric and Elizabeth

To lasting love and tenderness
To hearts both firm and true
Dear Eric and Elizabeth
We toast this night for you.

This night begins a journey long,
The road less traveled take.
And thus you’ll learn to long endure
And sacrifices make.

Do not be fooled this joyous night
Your union in the Lord,
Is subject to the pains of sin
And trial in burning forge.

But if you cast your cares on Him
Committing all you have,
His arm is there to carry you
His love a healing salve.

Eventually when trials come
Be careful what you say.
Allow the Lord of patient love
To guide you on your way.

Give all you have to Him who died
That you may one day live,
And life-long unity to you
The Lord will surely give.

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