Friday, August 7, 2009

Amanda My Friend

Amanda my friend I don’t mean to offend,
But this question has been on my mind.
After years of your pleading his love all exceeding
Your favor God did not decline.

With your brother John, of whom you’re so fond
The evidence speaks very clearly.
This spare tire guy who is up in the sky
Wants only to love you more dearly.

In favors for you, and on Calvary too
He gives all His love, but it’s odd…
How can He embrace if there isn’t a place
In the heart of Amanda for God?

This season of Lent it is time to repent
Come running with arms open wide
For your savior awaits, He has opened the gates
And invites you to sit at His side.

But He can’t come in, if we’re trapped in sin
And laden with chains of the night.
As Satan would say, you can do it your way,
But God’s yoke is easy and light.

Return to the church, and assume a new perch
Before His presence in bread.
Be reconciled, become a new child
And begin now the Gospel to spread.

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