Saturday, August 8, 2009


I go the way of all the earth
King David told his son.
See Solomon that you are strong,
You are the chosen one.

At Gibeon the Lord appeared
And offered to the king,
A gift of anything he pleased
The Lord would surely bring.

Now Solomon acknowledging
His young and stupid state,
Chose wisdom and discernment as
The gifts to make him great.

The wisest man in all the earth
King Solomon was he.
The queen and her great caravan
From Sheba came to see.

On any thought he could expound
With knowledge and with grace.
He used his gold to build the Lord
A fancy dwelling place.

From precious gems and finest gold
And seven years to make,
The temple of the Lord was built,
Never to replicate.

But Solomon, though wise he be,
Fell into lustful sin.
By listening to foreign wives
His downfall did begin.

Like Solomon I ask of God
A wise discerning heart.
But also grant that my free will
From You will never part.

More precious than a life of fame
More valuable will be
Just following the will of God
He knows what’s best for me.

My will is something I must train
To follow and obey.
Of Solomon I read and learn
And this I take away.

Enticed by sin we soon discard
The gifts from God above
With avarice and greed we search
In vain for our true love.

My maker knows me through and through
He keeps me in His sight.
By sacrificing of my will
He brings joy and delight.

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