Sunday, August 9, 2009

Unity Tried

Written for my Godparents on their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

For fifty years long
Their love has been strong
This Walsh/Bessler combo is golden.

We honor this bond
Of which we’re so fond
Their six fine children beholdin’.

For now half a century
Their love’s been a sentry
Guarding their family from strife.

Through storms and rough road
When heavy the load
These vows were their anchor for life.

Now Alice and Bill
You’re not over the hill
Just aged like fine mellow wine.

See now we all ponder
Your love it’s a wonder
A marriage blessed by the Divine.

God’s love you did show
You let everyone know
That your marriage would surely abide.

God’s blessings have flowed
And on you he bestowed
The great honor of unity tried!

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