Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dave & Janet

But for the rosary in his pocket
He was just a common man,
Who looked about for one to wed,
According to God’s plan.

Among the many in the crowd
One shown above the rest.
With Christian faith and purity,
For him, she was the best.

The black-haired beauty caught his eye,
His heart was soon ensnared.
How could he court the one with whom
No other girl compared?

A movie! Sure! Gone With the Wind!
The perfect place to keep,
His girlfriend charmed and interested,
But oops, he fell asleep.

They prayed a rosary on their dates,
A quirky kind of whim.
Somehow they both were blessed by this.
She fell in love with him.

September fourth in eighty-one
The two of them were wed.
A quarter century now has passed,
And still they share one bed.

With trust in providence they built,
A home like Jesus willed.
Just take a peek on Friday nights,
You’ll see their quiver’s filled.

This bounty given by the Lord,
Like arrows in the hand,
Are warriors prepared in love,
For taking back our land.

Amazing what just two can do,
When living out God’s plan.
But for the rosaries in their pockets,
Just an ordinary clan.

Mark Hennessey

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