Sunday, July 30, 2017

8/13/17 Through 8/19/17

8/13/17 Through 8/19/17

Tired of rowing on the sea
He calls and says: "Now walk to me."
"Get out and leave that boat behind?!"
The rest will think I've lost my mind!

I walk along a little way
But then the wind and waves dismay
I briefly take my sight from Him
and to the waves I sink within

In desperation I cry out
His hand comes down to pull me out
And says my faith must stronger be
In One who calms the wind and sea.

Circumcise your hearts today
And see what love your heart displays
Be no longer stubborn men
But see His bounty once again

In glory now she reigns on high
Above the earth which passes by
The mother of All Sin Atoned
The queen of all is now enthroned

The purest of the pure by far
Much brighter than the brightest star
The heavens hail resplendent one
God chose to bear His only Son

His eyes could see the Promised Land
Across the hot and dusty sand
For forty years he saw no green
But now was milk and honey seen

His work complete, the torch was passed
Now Moses laid to rest at last
Oppression gone and freedom found
Upon the holy promised ground.

The Ark before the people goes
And then no more the water flows
Dry shod they cross into the land
To make it theirs as God had planned

Remember now these days of old
And all the stories men have told
See how His love comes shining through
For all who seek, like me and you.

By God, once joined, the man and wife
Are bound together in this life
No man must break this sacred bond
But always, to the call, respond

With greater love each passing day
That we might follow in His way
And learn to sacrifice for love
And lead our spouse to heav'n above.

My household Lord, shall follow You
The Master of the things we do
your slaves and servants may we be
Conformed in every way to Thee

To serve as slaves to King of Kings
The greatest joy and favor brings
For we but breathe at Your behest
And in Your presence all are blessed.

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