Sunday, July 16, 2017

7/30/17 Through 8/5/17

7/30/17 Through 8/5/17

Your wisdom greater gift by far
Than sprawling house or fancy car
Your word more precious every day
Than high position or great pay

But daily in our lives must choose
To sell it all, or treasure lose
To let the fleeting pleasure past
And buy the precious pearl at last

Take root in me that I may grow
Just like the mustard seed
And all my progeny would know
The place to come and feed

The people in their tents were awed
For face to face he spoke with God
The cloud descended on that place
And Moses left with glowing face

Each day He calls to all, Repent!
And find, each one, a prayerful tent
Where we can sit with Him and find
Refreshment and some peace of mind

But only for a precious few
Will heart and soul each day renew
For most will find no time for Him
And settle for the cold and dim

Prepare to sell all that you own
When treasure you have found alone
And buy the field where it resides
To know the joy that it provides

One treasure only worth that much
The treasure of the Savior's touch
Now gold and silver look so dim
All treasure pales compared to Him

His net is cast into the sea
To catch the many fish like me
The good they save for food today
The bad they simply throw away

The judgment like that fishing day
When for our actions, all will pay
And those still clinging to their sin
To endless fire will be cast in

No honor for the common one
They know too well to hear
They turned away from God's own son
Because He was so near

His wisdom and His learning made
Them wonder who He was
No carpenter would be obeyed
No matter what He does

Few miracles among that crowd
Without the will to see
No honor for this man they vowed.
For they refused to see

Great love the Virgin Mary showed
She bore the seed the Spirit sowed
Her love surpassing himan mind
Her love a true, and different kind

United in such harmony
With three in one, the Trinity
The Father's will her great desire
Her purest heart a blazing fire

Within her womb the sacred guest
The Son she nursed at virgin breast
At calvary they crucified
And she stood by until He died

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  1. I really enjoyed your poem, very expressive.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.